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Company Overview

Total Scope (Tanzania) Ltd is an associate company of TOP GROUP INTERNATIONAL which is at the Head of the large independent Private Group, based in Dubai, UAE and operating across the globe through its strategic partners and subsidiaries.

TSA is the answer to an evolving engineering panorama in African Marker, that challenges hierarchies, values and consolidated status-quo and necessitates thinking “outof-the box” in providing “innovative solutions” for the construction industry.

It is a panorama that requires customers to decide on the most competitive and innovative innovative solutions and evolve towards Global standards to balance proximity with competence, competitiveness with stateof-the-art tools, structured organization with expertize, experience and financial strength.

The companies within its structure specialize in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintaining products and solutions customized to meet the customer requirement. The products and solutions of the Organization comes with the highest safety standards complemented with reliability and energy efficiency.

The Group has an aggregated turnover of about USD........, permanent staff in excess of 200 full time employees, across the Globe, particularly covering Middle East, Asia and Africa.


To reate value for our Customers, Personnel, and Share Holders, and to do it right with integrity.


To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products, services and solutions that provide the best value for our customers.

Core values
Our Aim
To provide the right solutions to our clients and deliver it on time
Our Team
We trust them and empower them to take initiatives and expect commitment in return
Our Relation
We listen, understand and act with responsibility and accountability
Our Direction
We focus on target, direction and outcome and move forward with a solid foundation of business acumen and common sense.